COVID Prevention Policy

What is Simply Bath doing to be COVID Safe? A few things actually.

First and foremost, we would like to highlight that we were ALWAYS employing safe methods when making our products in our studio, long before COVID hit. Handmade is not the same as homemade!! We have been diligent in wearing gloves (double gloving when necessary while handling chemicals such as lye), safety eye glasses, masks (again often required when handling chemicals and powder) and always washing all our equipment in hot water and soap before reusing.

We use FDA approved induction seals on all our jars, so they are not open until they get to you! We even shrink wrap our soaps and bath bombs so you are the first hands to touch the soap.

Lastly, at our booths, we offer contact free payment options and always have a bottle of lavender hand sanitizer for your peace of mind. Still not satisfied? Wash our hands with Simply Bath Soaps to sanitize your worries away!!