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This has been close to the craziest one in human history. Or at least I would like to believe so. Nobody predicted that we would be in the situation for over two years. It will most certainly go down in history. However, the one thing that COVID-19 did do for all of us is to bring us closer to our families.

Some of us we were forced to spend days on end together in the same place sometimes in the same room. And at other times it made it so we didn’t have to choose between family and work. Regardless, through all these tribulations I’m just so thankful to have my family.

I was thrilled to resume in-person craft fairs this year and was so excited to see familiar, smiling faces. But more so than any other year before I found people buying my products as gifts for others. I was so moved to see that kind of appreciation people have for one another and the love that was just visible in the air. Surprise your valentine and all those you love with Simply Bath's new floral gift box soap set.  The perfect gift for someone near and dear to you or a sampler set for yourself! This pack of 4 soaps is carefully curated with Florals (Lavender, Honeysuckle Gardenia, Jasmine and Rose) perfect for Spring which is just around the corner. 

This Valentine’s Day, it’s not about my single one and only valentine but it is about my entire family. Without you this pandemic would have been extremely difficult. And for all of you out there reading this, may you have the most magical Valentine’s Day this year, with your loved ones with your families and with your valentine

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