Happy Mother's Day

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"My mom is the most important person in my life"  were the starting words of my essay in my first grade English paper. We had to write about who our mothers are and how they make us feel. I remember how I felt so warm, safe and content whenever I was with my mom. She made me the most delicious food, told me these marvelous stories and made sure I get a peaceful nights sleep. What more could a kid ask for?  She worked full time as a teacher while dedicating her life to raising my sister and me. I used to proudly tell everyone, my mom is a physics guru!

I have a whole new appreciation for my mom as I embrace my own motherhood with my teenager. I can now understand how hard it must have been for her to encourage me to be independent when I was a child, but missing those baby years as I did get my independence. How challenging it may have been for her to part with me during the day when it was time to send me to school. And how, with a heavy heart, she must have returned to an empty house after leaving me at the university. 

I am so thankful that we set aside a whole day to honor and celebrate the women who raised us. And, on this Mother’s Day, I’m more thrilled than ever to celebrate all moms and show them how much they means to us. Looking for ways to make your mom feel special? Simply Bath company has some very special gifts that we know she’ll appreciate. Head on over to our gifts page where you will find amazing deals on our Mother's Day Gift Packages. Our absolute best sellers are Honeysuckle - sweet nectar, Cotton Candy - a nostalgic sweet strawberry vanilla and Caribbean - fresh sea salt. Whisk her off to faraway lands with our high quality products and make her Mother's Day memorable. 


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